How important was choosing to provide a dedicated customer manager for the number one web agency in Switzerland ?

When it comes to growing a business, having the right tools and strategies in place is essential. For many businesses, this means having a dedicated customer manager on staff. This person is responsible for ensuring that each and every customer is happy and satisfied with the company's product or service. In this blog post the number one web agency in Switzerland, we will take a look at how the top web agency in Switzerland benefited from providing a dedicated customer manager to their [...]

PHP over the years

An indispensable programming language on the web since its inception, PHP has seen many twists and turns, and that's until now. PHP is constantly evolving, allowing you to enjoy your current version of site and application. Discover all these evolutions by browsing this article until the end. The beginnings of the PHP language A free programming or development language, used on more than 70% of a website or web application. PHP does not act in the same way as other types of programming [...]